A unique handcrafted line of ceramic relief tiles inspired by some of my favorite artworks from the past.

I first make the original out of clay, and then make a plaster mold from it, which enables me to make duplicates one at a time. The tiles are first bisque fired, then I hand-paint and glaze each one, allowing for experimentation and color variation. This process enables tiles to be available in limited quantities at a reasonable price. Since the tiles are glazed and twice-fired they are suitable for the kitchen, bath or garden. Each tile comes with a description card and is ready to hang. Switchplates come with screws.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of tiles not in stock. Shipping and handling additional. Custom orders for single tiles or friezes are welcome. Tiles shown are in limited quantities--images here subject to change.

Nilsa Garcia-Rey

Art Tiles Two Monkeys
Celtic Chess Set
Ceramic Friezes

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